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Every individually photographed gecko auction listed here comes with a FREE high-end hatchling for a limited time, while we build up an audience on our new auction site.

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Gecko Auctions Currently In Progress


Due to some people having issues with logging in/bidding, and the fact that checkout has always been facilitated through our online store, we have disabled the requirement to register on the auction side of our website ( before bidding. You should only need to enter your name, email and bid amount on any auction to place your bid. When you win an auction, you will log in and complete checkout in our online store – the same way we’ve been doing it since 2013.

We are currently evaluating some other, more robust auction software, one of which works like a plugin that will integrate auctions with our current online store. We’ll be making a decision and implementing a permanent solution for our auctions very soon.

Don’t worry… In the meanwhile, if we find someone placing phony bids or someone fails to follow through paying for a win, we can restrict the IP address so that even using a new name/email combination won’t get them back in.

If you are logged in and having trouble bidding, you may want to log out and try bidding again without logging in. You may also try using a different browser (Firefox, Opera, etc.) or using a computer instead of a phone. If you have any questions you can email

We appreciate your patience and continued patronage while we figure this out. We are doing our best to make sure the geckos and deals are well worth it – and in the end, we’re going to be able to offer a better, more convenient auction experience than ever before.


Please note that in this version of the auction software, the first auction to end is listed at the bottom of the page. If an auction has ended with the Buy Now option, it will not show in the list below. *** Please be sure to refresh the page on each auction. If you are having problems with the page not refreshing or the countdown timer not counting down properly you should try a different browser or a PC. ***

Auction Info, Terms & Checkout Information

All reptiles auctioned on this website are hatched here in Kansas City, Missouri.
While we may eventually allow other breeders to post their own auctions, right now everything you see for auction hatched here at our facility.

Checkout at via PayPal Checkout (No PayPal Account Necessary)
Winner will be emailed a link to complete checkout at the online store when the auction is over. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to check out with your credit card.

No bid retractions and winners must always follow through.
Failure to follow through will result in a ban. Bids cannot be changed or removed.

No Reserve Prices, EVER.
Please ignore any mention of a reserve price. The starting bid will ALWAYS be enough to win. We will NEVER have an unknown “reserve” price.

We can only ship live geckos to US addresses.
It is your responsibility to know your laws regarding reptile ownership in your city and state. We can ship to US based exporters for Asia, Europe & Canada.

Payment is required within 48 hours of auction end.
Failure to follow through on a bid/payment will result in a ban from future auctions.

Checkout Process
At the end of the auction, winner will be emailed a link to complete checkout. Failure to follow through on a bid/payment will result in a ban from future auctions.

FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping ONLY $39
There is an optional $10 extreme temperature shipping upgrade option for those in warmer/colder climates. One shipping charge covers UNLIMITED GECKOS, so feel free to combine shipments for website geckos, wholesale packages and auctions.

100% Live/Healthy Arrival & Satisfaction Guaranteed
Individually pictured geckos come with a 30 day health guarantee and wholesale hatchling groups/packages are guaranteed for 7 days. If you’re not satisfied, let us know within 24 hours of receipt and we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

Email for assistance with auctions, sales, shipping, etc.

Our egg room in 2018 with roughly 7,500 eggs incubating. Each box holds 44 eggs.
Incubation temperature is kept between 72-76F and eggs hatch at around 75-90+ days.